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About Us

Mwandege Boys Secondary School is a very special place. The School sets excellent standards in the classroom, on the sports field, in drama and in other areas. It also aims to provide a caring, safe and friendly boarding environment in which young people can be at home away from home.

But Mwandege Boys is much more than a co-educational boarding school set in a beautiful location. It is a workshop where values are shaped, friendships are formed and attitudes are developed. The quality of the School will only really be seen in years to come, as we enjoy the successes of young people who have learned to value dignity, creativity, initiative, selflessness and integrity.

Our programs deliberately promote self expression, discipline and God-centered living. We encourage our students to be communicators, principled, open-minded, innovative and caring. This is why a Mwandege Boys student takes maths, prayers, sports and drama all in his stride. It also explains why Mwandege Boys students are usually all rounded confident individuals.

So at Mwandege Boys, the question is not what will your child be when they grow up but rather what can’t they be. These and many other things make Mwandege Boys Secondary School special.

Excellent Teaching Staff

The teaching staff is highly qualified. They aim to get the very best levels of performance out of each student. Each student has a Facilitator who monitors pastoral and academic progress and learning support is provided when needed.

By focusing on understanding the individual needs of each of our students, we aim to encourage the very best levels of performance from each child.

Unlocking the full potential of each student is the key and we follow a structured approach to achieve this.

Class sizes in many subjects are often much smaller giving opportunity for greater Facilitator-Student interaction.

We place a high premium on pastoral care in the classroom, around the School and in the boarding houses.

Academic Excellence

The American psychologist BF Skinner famously declared that “education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.” For all our Mwandege students, the measure of the quality of their education will lie not just in the strength of the examination results, but in the values, friendships and attitudes that last for many more years than any understanding of the nuances of trigonometry.

The School has a strong academic tradition and students are taught to work hard and independently. We ensure that each of our students gains the very most of these vital school years.