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Mr Titus Kaguo

I, Titus Kaguo, the father of Lucky Titus Kaguo, a former student of Mwandege Boys Secondary School, can testify that this school is among few emerging best schools in Tanzania that parents cannot regret for enrolling their children.

I came across Mwandege Boys Secondary School at the time I was searching for school which my child, Lucky would enrol.  My son, Lucky got enrolled and spent his four years at Mwandege. As a parent I am very proud because Mwandege has laid down strong foundation to my Son.  He is now a very confident and determined person.

The seed that the school planted on my son has made him start dreaming to be an entrepreneur, which is good for the prevailing unemployment situation. His thinking has always been challenging to me, whom I have grown for years thinking only of ‘White Collar Jobs’ and became trapped by this.

It is for these reasons, I now stand in front of the multitude of Tanzanians giving testimony that they should send their children to Mwandege to be moulded positively, a school that raise children from non-direction to a wonderful performing, self motivated, self thinking and determined.

I have seen Lucky transforming from one level of glory to another, being a result of combination of education system from Kenya (where he studied Primary school) and Mwandege (secondary Level).

I believe and hope that all my remaining three children will have their o-level education from Mwandege of which the second boy, Mac Donald is also being moulded.