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Our Philosophy

At MBSS students will learn to learn. Every Facilitator gives assignments that consist of work that inspires students to learn and understand. Why did we design our system this way instead of simply teaching the subjects? People learn most by doing. Lectures are convenient for some few people but they are not really an easy way to learn. There are years of research that back this philosophy, but most of us know it intuitively. For sure it is giving very positive results to our students. They love it as well.

  • How do you learn to speak, to read, to write?
  • How do you learn to ride a bike?

Learning to learn is not a new idea. For thousands of years people who have thought about education have noted you are better off if you know how to learn rather than waiting to be taught or being told. Why? Because we remember our own learning experiences much better than we remember things that were either taught or told. However, it has been very challenging to implement learning to learn in our schools.

Computers are a different medium, more suited to facilitate this philosophy. However, with the few computers available, the problem is we don’t have enough competent teachers who really understand how to use this medium very well. Those who tried, the best they did was to copy the traditional school whereby one size fits all. We don’t think that methods employed in a traditional school translates that well onto the 21st Century Schools.

At MBSS we conduct many extra curricular activities designed to prepare the students to face the real world confidently. We have a program called “What is not Taught in School (WTS)”. The main objective of this program is to make students exercise their minds with the “outside-the-box” mentality.

In contrast, most institutions within Tanzania’s education system train students to think of examinations only. They make students most of the time to think only with the “inside the box” mentality where students think of their studies only.

Our School motto is “Learn & Serve” whereby the WTS Program has helped us walk our talk together with our students.  The advantages of this program are:-

  • Our students learn how to learn (L2L). Once students know how to learn it frees them from dependence on teachers for academic achievement.
  • Our students learn Time Management skills and discipline which has made us the first Secondary School not using a bell to either run school activities or supervise students to do their duties. The approach makes them responsible for whatever is happening in their surroundings.
  • Our students learn how to be self determined, how to focus, how to set and write their own goals so as to make their dreams come true.
  • Our students get time to interact with professionals, coaches and mentors from different fields as a way of encouragement whereby students get to learn through listening to success stories what the mentors went through in life to get where they are.
  • Students build a reading culture of self-help books, they are learning how to, not only be job consumers, but also job creators.
  • Students get an opportunity to show their talents and Facilitators try their best to help them accordingly.
  • Students learn how to become confident in expressing their feelings, their dreams, discussing issues with their fellow students and Facilitators.

Our mission is focused on that, by the time our students are in Form three, they must be sure of performing well in their studies as well as in the real world irrespective of whether he has somebody to support him or otherwise.

In most cases, it is known that good grades in School count nothing in the real world because the students or learners are not exposed and trained to be open minded people. At MBSS, we want to break this tradition.  That is why the WTS program was introduced.

At MBSS, we are offering a different experience, one more suited to 21st Century modern school.

Enock Walter, the Chief Facilitator and his team of Facilitators have been perfecting the learning-to-learn (L2L) experience since day one at MBSS. Simply put, Chief Facilitator and his team are in a different league than other the traditional schools. We hope the society will enjoy our services and utilize all the resources we offer along the way to help create new experiences for your Son to build on and remember.